2018 is the fourth year that some English speaking teachers from The Netherlands have visited Nepal to run some further education courses for Nepalese teachers. Their aim is to help improve the lesson content of English lessons that are given to Nepalese children. The group have focused their attention and efforts in the area of Pokhara and some surrounding villages.

Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to attend school in the way the western world runs them. In Nepal up in the mountain villages some teachers and their pupils walk over an hour to school along dangerous narrow tracks, swinging bridges and difficult terrain. This does not stop them or hold back their enthusiasm to reach their destination to teach and learn.  Nepal has suffered in the past from a long civil war and not so long ago a huge earthquake that devastated the land and the population. Those left have had many hardships to deal with but they are a proud and industrious nation and those teachers that our group have come into contact with have our total admiration for the daily struggles they face in order to teach.

We have some photos to show you to give you an idea of classes taking place. Our team were there again last Easter holiday in their own time to take more supplies, lesson plans and ideas to the teachers in our targeted area to help them improve their lessons. They ran daily courses in Ghachok and the Nepalese teachers came down from the mountain villages to join in. Our group are always greeted with enthusiasm and the Nepalese teachers came back again this year to eagerly take part in the learning experience.