We are excited to announce that we are close to completing libraries in 10 schools in and around the village of Ghachok. This has been achieved through fantastic team work. We are really grateful for all the fundraising that has taken place here in the Netherlands, and to our regular sponsors and we have also received donations from the UK, Doha and as far away as Australia.  

In Nepal we are grateful for the support and guidance from several local charity groups. They have not only collected and delivered the books and resources we have sent, but have also organised the purchase of carpets, furniture and paint for the rooms that have been designated to be the libraries. With their advice and guidance we have achieved our aim to create a welcoming environment where students can access the resources and learn to enjoy reading.  

The decision to become an official charity was made in 2018 because we needed to have our own bank account in order to raise funds and so that donors can benefit from our ANBI charity status.

Here are a list of our achievements so far:  (click on the links)

Our 4th teacher training sessions over 3 days in Megharaj school, Ghachok.

English language library cupboards.

Smoke free stoves installed in more homes.

School fees for our Ghalel girls.

Providing winter clothing and basic food supplies.

Books and library cupboards for 2 more schools.

The first DVD library at Shree Shukla Ghandaki school.

As our network expands.

Fleece jackets for all the students at Rumja school.

A daily cooked meal for the children at Himali Basic School at Rumja.

Fruit & vegetables for the disabled school in Kathmandu.

Laptops & i pads.

What next? our wish list for 2019 and beyond………………

  • To complete the libraries so that all schools have a full set of basic reading, phonics books and a suitable environment to encourage them to use the books
  • Provide tables and chairs from local trades people and suppliers
  • Equip and decorate the libraries with attractive & relevant posters and stationary
  • Extend our team to encourage more fundraising to ensure continued support for the schools
  • Attract volunteers to work in the schools
  • Provide resources and guidance for the teachers to support their teaching in the classroom


More cupboards & furniture for libraries

More books & resources

Volunteer support

Training/support for teachers

And with your help and support we can do this!